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Corporate Narration
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From C-Suite to Main Street

Voice Over

that connects

that explains

that makes sense

Get realistic everyman sound that connects companies & brands with workers and consumers, bridging the gap between top-level ideas and ground-level implementation. Jarret Serpa has a voice with an authentic blend of corporate expertise and relatable delivery that engages audiences directly in your message, no matter how technical things get. Solve your communication challenges with voice over that connects people, explains complex ideas, and just makes sense. Reach out for fast turnarounds and an uncomplicated recording process.

Watch Video Samples

From the top floor to the ground level, Jarret's sound makes sense.

Elearning Demo
Elearning Demo
Commercial Demo
Commercial Demo
Wellcare Medicare Advantage Plan
Wellcare Medicare Advantage Plan
Found Friends
Smart Home Hub
Pinball Paradise
Better Help
Paws for Joy
Med Prime
Global Bank
Total Car Care
Quirk Quest
Sister Miranda
New Realm
Henry Design
Free Tax Return
Food Pantry
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Jarret delivers guy-next-door reads and professional audio quality.

Broadcast-ready Home Studio

Connect for directed sessions and a simple recording process.

Sennheiser MKH416
Lewitt LCT 440 Pure

Centrance MicPort Pro 3
Focusrite Scarlett 3

Microsoft Surface Pro

Adobe Audition with RX Standard,
Waves and TDR Nova

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Whisper Room Isolation Booth


Want people to pay attention to your corporate presentations? No matter what type of video or event you're putting together, you'll need a voice like Jarret's that perfectly aligns with what you're doing and conveys precisely the right tone and purpose.


Looking for a voice that can handle your call system? Provide customer service and keep people happy on the line no matter what industry you're in with an experienced IVR voiceover professional like Jarret, who knows something the robots don't.


Need your Elearning voice to keep learners actively engaged? From module-based coursework to simple workplace trainings, an experienced Elearning voice like Jarre'ts keeps people connected with your content, no matter how complex the subject.


Does your commercial campaign need to sound real? Bring on Jarret's everyman, authentic voice that grabs attention in just the right way. Get direct booking & fast turnarounds with professional audio and service that couldn't be simpler.

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