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Broadcast-ready Home Studio

Live directed sessions from anywhere...

Shhhh. Do you hear that? It's the sound of perfect silence. Noise control is an essential part of any voice actor's toolkit, and Jarret's studio boasts professional audio quality with WhisperRoom™ isolation - the industry standard used by audiologists, broadcasters, voice actors, and musicians for decades. You'll get perfect audio quality to match the words, direction, and emotion Jarret adds to your script...every single time. Connect with his studio for directed sessions using SourceConnect, ipDTL, Google Meeet, Zoom, or phone patch, and get precise sound that aligns with your project's purpose.

WhisperRoom Isolation Booth logo

Whisper Room Isolation Booth

Sennheiser MKH416
Lewitt LCT 440 Pure


Centrance MicPort Pro 3
Focusrite Scarlett 3

Adobe Audition with RX Standard,
Waves and TDR Nova

Microsoft Surface Pro

All about the man behind the mic...

Jarret's been there, done that.

As an American voice actor, Jarret Serpa transcends relatability with his white-collar training and blue-collar relatable sound. He's an everyman of voice over...with an extra superpower:  two decades spent analyzing and designing corporate technology solutions for Fortune 500 companies. That experience gives Jarret the unique ability to take complex concepts and make them comprehensible to any listener. His authentic, friendly voice attracts everyone from the C-suite to Main Street in commercials, corporate branding, e-learning or anywhere you'd like your message heard.

National Association of Voice Actors logo

Proud Member of the National Association of Voice Actors

All about the man behind the mic...

Jarret's been there, done that.


The broad appeal and relatability of Jarret's voice comes from a well-travelled geographic and extensive educational background.  He was born in Germany, and spent time in Washington state, Texas, Panama, New England, actual England, and Pennsylvania before settling down in the metro Atlanta area. Armed with degrees in Psychology and Economics and adding a Master's in Information Technology along the way, Jarret embarked on a two-decade career in Information Technology - supporting, analyzing and designing complex HRIS systems for Fortune 500 companies. It was there that Jarret started to realize his superpower: a unique ability to break complex issues into basic components, getting people who normally aren't on the same wavelength to communicate effectively about a topic.


When he was young, he'd envision becoming a DJ, and Jarret loved to ride his bike to yard sales and buy comedy albums. It all really came down to the microphone - the appeal of talking into one and having people listen - and when the opportunity to become a voice actor presented itself, Jarret took it. As online learning and video advertising has exploded in recent years, Jarret's skills as a Corporate Narrator stand out. As more people are working, shopping and learning from every corner of the planet, the need to reach your audience in an engaging and entertaining way, while making sure they understand the information being delivered, cannot be overstated. Jarret's entire professional and personal journey has made him uniquely qualified and ready to fill that need, and he's ready to put his experience, studio, sass, and smarts to work for you.


When he's not trying to pull clarity from chaos, Jarret can usually be found at a concert, visiting family in Texas, or waxing philosophical with friends about how silly a species humanity can often be. Jarret's belief is that - like most things - maturity is best applied in moderation and life is the ultimate reality show, playing out in real time. The best way to get through it is with a great attitude, a professional work ethic and a hefty dose of humor.

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