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Voice Over

Odds are, you've got a commercial stuck in your head right now. Funny ads, touching ones, from the weird & bizarre to the downright genius, each representing some touchpoint of the human experience and our relationship with the world around us. Good commercials tell us to do something; great commercials inspire us toward action in a way that makes it seem necessary & effortless. Want your commercials to stand out? I'm your guy - reach out for fast turnarounds and conversational sound...

Why Commercial Voice Over?

Successful ads are all about the details.

An old description of a commercial is "Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them."  It's a tongue twister, but also a pretty decent description of an art form whose success lies in the art & details. Today's commercials are often like mini-movies. The availability, ability and affordability of technology allows companies of all sizes to compete in terms of advertising quality. Even audio-only commercials have become more sophisticated as our concept of marketing shifts toward more authentic delivery styles. 'Real' is the thing now, but what does that sound like? A trained voice actor follows trends, breaks down copy, and knows how to adjust delivery style to fit the message. I'm the guy next door, the everyman, relatable, approachable best friend whose smart, knowledgeable and easygoing nature resonates easily with consumers.

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Total Car Care
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County Recycle
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Happy Tails
Dog Park
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